Avarice Atoned (Purgatorio: Canto 19)

Colossus Projects invited Maxwell's Demon to contribute a musical interpretation of a canto from Dante's Purgatorio. They chose Canto 19, a gripping poem about: a) a hideous Siren who becomes beautiful once she starts singing, b) the now beautiful Siren whose true ugliness is suddenly exposed again, c) climbing up to the next level of Purgatory, which is reserved for avarice souls, d) learning why these avarice souls are forced to lie on their stomachs for the rest of eternity, and e) some silliness about bowing to a Pope.

Craig wrote this piece on the heels of recording Diablo, so the compositions share certain basic qualities, although it is definitely its own beast.

Produced by Jim Waters and Maxwell's Demon

Engineered by: Jim Waters at Waterworks West Recording in Tucson, AZ (guitars, keyboards, and mix); Laura Dean at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, CA (drums and bass).