Craig Beebe

Keyboardist, composer, and one of the founding members of the band. Wrote Diablo and "Avarice Atoned". The following bio was found among the rubble that was Google's cached internet storage. We will of course add more to this if we discover it.

[data missing] born with an incessant need to play my mom's piano. After several years of classical lessons, recitals, and competitions, I got it in my head that I was going to become a rock star! And rock stars don't play the piano, damnit! They play the gee-tar! So I switched instruments, much to my mom's disappointment, and continued playing through high school and into college. There I quickly learned that, to be a successful classical guitarist (which was the closest thing to rock guitar that an accredited four-year college program would teach), I'd have to practice. A lot. That didn't sound like much fun, so I switched to electrical engineering.

[data missing] taken up the piano again, but I was focusing on jazz. I had a regular gig playing solo piano at a coffee house which was useful only for improving my chops. So when I hooked up with John for a few jam sessions, my fingers were not completely rusted out and I was somewhat able to keep up with his strange demands for playing in odd time signatures and weird keys.

[data missing] This one [Diablo] will be my composition, and I tend to write about personal issues. The way I see it, a writer has to be familiar with the subject he's writing about. There's nothing I'm more familiar with than myself, and as it turns out, the last two years of my life [2000-2001] should easily translate into an intensely dark and complex [data missing]